Auditions For Our Spring Show

Sunday October 27th 1-4pm

Monday October 28th 7-9pm

SHOW DATES: April 17-May 2, 2020

Director: Al French albertjfrench@gmail.com

Cold Read from the script.

Enchanted April

Based on the best-selling classic novel by Elizabeth von Arnim, Enchanted April takes two women on a post-World War I journey from London to Portofino, Italy. Feeling lost in the shadows of marriage and forgotten in the rush of 1920s post-war society, two London housewives pool their savings to rent a villa in Italy for a ladies-only holiday away. They reluctantly recruit a pair of independent upper-class women to share the weight of cost. Together under the Mediterranean sun, the four women clash—and then begin to bond and bloom—until men once again upset the balance. Their month-long holiday transforms their discontent in joyful and unexpected ways.



 Lottie Wilton (Lead) Female, 30–40 (British accent preferred)

 A Hampstead housewife who embodies openness, uncertainty and vulnerability.  The idea of an Italian holiday is her Holy Grail.  She brings joy and hope to the mix of the women and is most attuned to the transformation possible in this process.

Rose Arnott (Lead) Female, 35–45 (British accent preferred)

A Hampstead housewife who is severe, emotionally taut and deeply sad.  The loss of a child still haunts her, and she restrains her feelings constantly.  She is called a “disappointed Madonna” by other characters, and until she is in Italy, this doesn’t shift for her.  There, her sadness relaxes, and she finds her footing again with her husband and her life.

Lady Caroline Bramble (Lead) Female, 20–35 (British accent preferred)

A classic 1920’s flapper.  She is a young socialite haunted by loss and the exhaustion of the London social scene.  She is of the manor born and a heralded beauty, used to being pampered and petted.  Italy changes Caroline’s resistance to real relationships and allows her another chance at love.

 Mrs. Graves (Supporting) Female, 70-80 (British accent preferred)

A London matron of high moral standards and expectations, Mrs. Graves walks with a stick and clings to the past with fervor and stubborn intention.  Italy allows her to open up, connect to others and show a softer kinder side.

 Mellersh Wilton (Supporting) Male, 40-60 (British accent preferred)

Lottie’s husband.  A solicitor who is forceful and thinks too much of himself.  He is thrifty about household matters and lacks patience with his wife’s “foolishness”.  Italy gives him a new vantage point on her charms and re-establishes a kindly streak within him.

 Frederick Arnott (Supporting) Male, 40-60 (British accent preferred)

Rose’s husband.  An author who writes salacious novels under a nom de plume.  He spends a great deal of time away from his wife and knows Lady Caroline in his “other” world.  Italy returns Frederick to his wife and re-establishes the romance of their relationship.

Anthony Wilding (Supporting) Male, 35-50 (British accent preferred)

An artist who is the owner of the villa.  Wilding is initially smitten with Rose, whom he assumes is a war widow, but eventually he finds love with Lady Caroline.  He is a kind and good man, though insecure.

Constanza (Supporting) Female, 45-70 (Ability to speak Italian)

The Italian housekeeper at the Villa.  The role must be performed in Italian.  She is feisty, funny and full of fire


Fall 2019

November 8-23, 2019

Thursday, Friday, Saturday (evening show ) – 8 pm

Nov 8 9,  & Nov 14,15,16 & Nov 21,22,23, 2019

Sunday (matinee) – 2pm

Nov 10 & Nov16 – Sunday (Matinee) 2pm

Director:  Jordan Toth

Producer:  Lynda Roselle


Laura Warwick-Maggie Makar

Michael Starkwedder- Michael Bedford

Mrs. Warwick-Inese Hill

Miss. Bennett-Valarie King

Jan Warwick-Isaiah Cook

Henry Angell-Mike Mitton

Julian Farar- Jason Swenor

Inspector Thomas-Robert Marsh

Sergeant Cadwallader-Nicholas Terpstra

Volunteers required to fulfill  production roles. Be part of the excitement!

Contact:  Steve Sharpe,  VT Volunteer Coordinator- email: villagetheatrewaterdown@gmail.com

or leave message (905) 690-7889


Spring 2020

April 17-May 2, 2020

Enchanted April

by Matthew Barber

When two frustrated London housewives decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday away from their bleak marriages, they recruit two very different English women to share the cost and experience.  There, among the wisteria blossoms and Mediterranean sunshine, all four bloom again, rediscovering themselves in ways that they, and we could never have expected.

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday (evening shows) -8pm

Sunday (matinee) – 2pm

Director:  Al French


Call for Volunteers; Someone like you! 

be part of the excitement in 2019-2020 Season!

We are looking for volunteer crew to help us build, paint, dress the set, assist with costumes,

If you are interested in helping the “magic” happen on stage.  All levels of skills welcome!

Please Contact: Steve Sharpe, Volunteer Coordinator

email: villagetheatrewaterdown@gmail.com