Live theatre in the heart of Waterdown returns!

Box office now closed. Tickets available Sat. May 14 & Sun. May 15, 2022 at door. 

$15.00 -Cash Only

Conflicted when connected to her husband’s phone, Mrs. Stevenson overhears a conversation about a murder plot. Attempts to disclose, no one believes her as hysteria takes over.

One act, suspense and thriller based on 1940s radio drama.

Not suitable content for young children.

Casts May 13,14,15 May 6,7,8 (completed)
Mrs. Stevenson Alexa Dunham Jessica Logan
Operator 1 Hannah Ladwig Anastasia Sanchez
1st Man Chris Ng Chris Ng
George Rob Grundy Shawn Callan
Chief Operator Deb Dagenais Kiran Matharu
Operator 2 Jessica Logan Alexa Dunham
Duffy Shawn Callan Rob Grundy
Lunch Room Attendant Chris Ng Chris Ng
Operator 3 Kiran Matharu Hannah Ladwig
Western Union Chris Ng Chris Ng
Operator 4 Jessica Logan Alexa Dunham
Information Kiran Matharu Hannah Ladwig
Hospital Receptionist Anastasia Sanchez Deb Dagenais
Operator 5 Hannah Ladwig Anastasia Sanchez

Produced by special arrangements with The Dramatist Play Services Inc.

Cast and Production – “Sorry, Wrong Number” working tirelessly to bring you our best!


Flamborough Review : April 28, 2022



Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Updated March 22, 2022

Welcome back to Village Theatre Waterdown!

We’re thrilled to see you and to enjoy the experience of live theatre together again!
Our Village Theatre Covid-19 Safety Response Team has been working in accordance with Ontario and Hamilton Municipality Public Health regulations to implement safety protocols to ensure that your return to live theatre will be a comfortable and worry-free experience.

As regulations have changed, we have revised our own safety protocols to ensure up-to-date compliancy.  We commit to regularly assess risk of transmission for you our patrons, our cast, crew and volunteers.

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Current  Volunteer Opportunities

Posted March 2022

We have two volunteer roles that are opening up on the Executive Committee:


Opening Effective July 1, 2022, One-Year Term

These two roles along with the other VT Executive Committee members are responsible for the on-going activities of Village Theatre Waterdown and provide support and oversight of the productions.

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   “Enchanted April” by Matthew Barber

Show Dates:  Fall 2022 

Director: Al French

Co-Producer: Deb Koehler

Two London housewives  recruit two very different English women to share the experience of an enchanted Mediterranean holiday. All four rediscover themselves in ways they, and we, could never expect.

Evening Performances Thurs, Fri, Sat -8pm

Matinee Sunday -2pm